Last weekend, they held the biggest Hungarian demoparty yet, the Function 2014. It had a new partyplace, 300+ attendees and the usual awesome atmosphere.

This gave me a perfect opportunity to whip out my new camera and try to capture some of that awesomeness. Low light is a pain though, so expect noisy photos. If you prefer to view the images on your computer, you can download the Full Set (ZIP, ~17MB).

Sidenote: please don't hotlink to the images. When my full site goes up, the files might be moved to a different location. You can safely bookmark/link this page, though.

Let's start with some partyplace/crowd photos:

Usually, one can find some pretty neat retro hardware around the partyplace. Thank you to whoever brought these:

One of the main organizers of the event, Gargaj, had a birthday upcoming. So he received a large cake, which he offered to those in need. Big thanks to him and all the other organizers.
Also, sorry. Seems like I have a talent to capture the moments immediately before and immediately after something happens.

The SIDRip Alliance concert is always one of the highlights of the party:

Lastly, some pictures to capture the ambiance of the party. Artsy BS and bokehballs:

I hope you enjoyed the photos. If you'd like higher resolution noise for whatever reason, you can contact me at: altvanguard gmail com.

On other note, if next year you want me to take a picture of you, yell "Vanguard" very loudly.